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NFL Top 5 and Bottom 5

What a Week 3! The contenders sorted some things out and the pretenders are starting to really show themselves. This week we hit the quarter mark in the league. I always like to break the schedules down into 4 games "mini-seasons". That is because the NFL stands for Not For Long and the recent most four games really tell you all you need to know. After this week, the first report cards are out! Let's hop into Week 3 rankings.

Bottom 5

28. Philadelphia Eagles

Sorry, Will! Do I really think the Eagles are a bottom-five squad? The short answer is No, they are extremely banged up but when you tie a bottom-five team, this what you get! I just really want to put a question out in the universe. How does Doug Pederson go from running a trick play on the goal line in a Super Bowl to PUNTING FOR A TIE against the Bengals?!

29. Denver Broncos

I had high hopes for the Broncos, but when you lose your stud pass rusher, star wide receiver, and your starting Quarterback, the bottom five is in your future. But things are looking up as they meet up with the god awful Jets on Thursday night in a bottom-five deathmatch, maybe they can get their first W.

30. Atlanta Falcons

Another week and ANOTHER blown lead, at this point it's a mental block with these guys. The offense is fine, its the train wreck of a defense that keeps them in the bottom 5. I will continue to write FIRE Dan Quinn until it happens, it's amazing this guy just continues to survive, must have some dirt on Arthur Blank is the only explanation.

31. New York Jets

My weekly struggle to pick between the Jets and the Giants continues! The Jets and Sam Darnold looked pathetic last week against the Colts, throwing two pick 6s and getting sacked for a safety. The Jets get Denver Thursday night and they better get that one, because they face The Cardinals, Chargers, Bills, Chiefs, and Patriots the next five after that!

32. New York Giants

Halloween came early last week, as guys dressed up in 49er uniforms came into MetLife Stadium and stole the Giant's candy. I mean Santa's list is shorter than San Francisco's injury report and they still dismantled Daniel Jones and this pathetic excuse for a football team. TANK FOR TREVOR Giants it's your only hope.

Top 5

5. Seattle Seahawks

I just can't keep them out anymore. Russell Wilson is playing like the MVP candidate that he is, but that defense worries me, you have to be able to win a 20-17 game. Jamal Adams is hurt right now, but even with him, I have my doubts if Seattle can really get the key stop when they need it. Time will tell, but for now, they are a top 5 team.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

The defense looked human surrendering 21 points in the first half to DeShaun Watson and a desperate Texans team last week. The second half was a completely different story as they threw up a 0 and the Steelers offense put the game away with a beautiful ball control drive. If this defense is only going to give up 17-20 points a week, the offense will do enough with all those playmakers to keep piling up the wins.

3. Baltimore Ravens

Wait they just got beat at home by Kansas City and Lamar looked terrible. Yes to both, but losing to the defending Super Bowl Champions isn't a death nail. It is concerning that Jackson is now 0-3 versus Mahomes, but he is 21-1 against the rest of the league, so yea the Ravens are still a contender. I feel sorry for The Football Team this week as they get a pissed off Ravens bunch.

2. Green Bay Packers

I don't care that there weren't fans, I don't care if the Saints are beaten up, going into New Orleans and really dominating a football game is a tough task and they did it. They get the Monday nighter against the bottom five Falcons this week and maybe Aaron Rodgers and the boys can finally end Dan Quinn's tenure.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

News of their demise has been grossly exaggerated, as they proved Monday night in Baltimore. They beat the Ravens in almost every aspect of the game and claimed their spot at the head of the table. A quick glance at the schedule, they get New England this week and a matchup with the Bills in week 6, barring significant injuries, we could really be talking 16-0 if they get by those two. 14-2 and the number one seed is the floor at this point.

There you have it. Week Threes, bottom five, and top five. Next week we will have first-quarter report cards on all the teams and start really shaking out the contenders and pretenders for you, so stay tuned!

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