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A reasonable Patriots fans perspective on Sunday Night

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

I know the idea of a reasonable Patriots fan sounds like an imaginary concept these days but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past two weeks of media coverage Hell is that when covering sports, your imagination is all that really matters. And yes I said two weeks because in Boston our media decided to skip right over the Saints game in the week leading up to it, but don’t worry they were there to complain about the team from 2-6 on Monday afternoon, even going as far as to accuse players of having been drunk during the game with no basis, which is somehow not at all surprising to anyone who has ever had the misfortune of listening to that program.

For the most part though the imaginary concept the media has been pushing on everyone all week is this idea of some terrible controversy surrounding Brady’s departure in free agency, and how Brady really just despises Belichick, Kraft and the whole franchise for “giving up on him”. With this comes the imaginary concept that when Belichick drafted Garrapolo he tried to trade Brady instead but Kraft wouldn’t let him, even though John Lynch publicly stated that when he asked to trade for Brady he was laughed off the phone by Bill The GM. Obviously this is just something that Belichick pressured Lynch into saying you cover for himself, because logic always prevails on the internet. Then of course there’s Seth WickerScams new book that apparently tells the whole story and is full of reputable sources, like the janitor he got drunk with that one time. From this he’s pushing a claim that Belichick downright refused to meet with Brady in person after he left the Patriots because Bill is stubborn and evil, and this is one of those times to me that context is an amazing thing. The context of the story is that it was 9:30 at night when Brady showed up to Krafts house to tell him his decision and Belichick was at his house in Nantucket. For those of you who don’t know, there is actually no logical way for Brady to have gotten to the Island of Nantucket at that time of night, as it is a fucking island. Lastly from their interviews with the two people we all needed to hear from in Alex Guerrero and Tom Brady Sr, they want us to believe that Brady is dying to get revenge on the coach who drafted him and groomed him for 20 years for...*checks notes* not complimenting him enough? Now if you’re one who can be inclined to believe that one of the fiercest competitors in the history of sports cares about how much he’s complimented, then you can watch the hour long NFL 100 special from 2019 where the two of them did nothing but talk about how great the other one was. And if somehow that’s not good enough for you, you can go find the audio clip Tom Brady posted on social media Wednesday night where he threatens to put his dad in a home for speaking out of place.

Of course none of that’s good enough and so they must create this idea that the Patriots fans are just rooting for Tampa because they don’t like the Patriots anymore. Which unsurprisingly I have seen quite a few claim they’re a Patriots fan that simply dislikes the Patriots because again, logic always prevails on the internet. In reality these are just Tom Brady Stans and it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the greatest quarterback of All Time has Stans, considering a certain below average free agent QB still somehow has a legion of them. I’ll clap for the guy pregame, I’ll even give a standing ovation in the stadium Sunday when he breaks the passing yards record, and I know some would have you believe that some of us are mad about this but I can’t see the logic in thinking that any sports fan would ever be mad to see any player break any record in any stadium, because why would I be mad about witnessing history? Maybe I should stop looking for logic from the media.

Lastly everyone wants Patriots fans to be all distraught because they’re likely to lose this game and I’ll admit that, but I don’t know why I’d be mad that a rookie quarterback in his fourth ever start could lose to a reigning Super Bowl Champion that returned all 22 starters from last year. I also don’t know why I’d be mad about having a rookie quarterback currently outperforming all four quarterbacks taken ahead of him in the draft, while being the only one of those four to face two of last years top six defenses in his first three games. It just really wouldn’t be logical for me to be mad about any of those things, but this is the internet.

There’s no drama here except for what’s been fabricated by the media in build up to this game. It’s not Mac vs Brady, it’s not even Belichick vs Brady. It’s Patriots vs Bucs and Tom Brady just happens to be their quarterback. Win or lose I’m still a Patriots fan. I know I’m the epitome of youth but I’m still old enough that Tom Brady wasn’t my first quarterback, and he won’t be my last.

Foxboro Forever

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