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Founder & Owner

Owner & Show Host


Head of Finances

The original founder and Co-Owner of Blue Collar Media Group and embodies the Blue Collar lifestyle probably more than anyone should.  He is a proud Union Laborer from Boston, MA and a chain smoking loudmouth Boston sports fan.


Head of Streaming

Born in Harlingen, TX and hosts the "Into the Lab" Podcast from the Blue Collar Media Group HQ in San Antonio, TX.  He has dedicated his life to being active in the sport scene as he finishes his PhD in Sports Analytics at Our Lady of the Lake University.  He is a former collegiate athlete for "The Lake", serves on the board of Triple Double Basketball Academy, and enjoys watching the Dallas Cowboys, Houston Rockets, and Houston Astros with his wife (Callie) and daughter (Lilly).

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Mark G.jpg

Head of Media

Residing in the RGV of Harlingen Tx, he has been video creating for his YouTube Channel “ItsRatedMerc” for years creating movie reviews and video edits. With video editing on his belt, he helps out BCMG as their video editor for shows and podcasts

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Head of Shows

Host of “The Boom-Town Pod." I like to think I’m one of the OGs on the team, and I’ve loved every second of it. MMA, Football, Hockey and classic movies are life! “You pooped in the refrigerator? And you ate a whole wheel of cheese? How did you do that? I’m actually not even mad, that’s amazing!” 

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Sam F.png

Head of Recruiting

Streamer, podcaster, and drummer. He is constantly on the go and planning new ways to engage an audience. Has been a part of BCMG since early 2021.

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Angela M.png

Head of Partnerships/BCMG Consultant

Variety creator and conqueror of all games who thrives for Team Collaboration. Passionate about all things Blue Collar and a firm believer in “WE” over “I”.

Steph C.jpg

Head of PR/Advertising

For the last 10 years, she has devoted her time to photo work & art, and the beautiful community it’s grown to be. Currently living in Austin and in the final stages of earning her undergrad in psychology. She's played basketball since she was old enough to dribble a ball, and it is her absolute pleasure to partner with BCMG. She believes in community over competition, the power of love, and advocating for the underrepresented. She can’t wait to meet you, and take your photo!

Shequila Sunrise.jpg
Sheila Hutchison

Head of Administration

Organizer and leader of all things BCMG, Sheila has helped successful ventures like the ITL Hoopation, BCMG Retreat, and Leadership Board Meetings.  Her and her son, Elijah, live in the beautiful city of San Antonio, TX where she delivers invaluable content from the account: Shequila Sunrise! 

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Dennis Tschudy

Stream Team Unity Coordinator

Ohio-based variety streamer that is an extraordinaire in Fortnite! Coach Peanut is his streamer alias and his Nutty Bunch/Tap Out shows provide a unique perspective to baseball and wrestling.  He continues the belief within BCMG on the importance of family and growth as one.  #BETTERTOGETHER

Blaine Deatherage

Stream Team Competitive Coordinator

LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Excited to leading the charge for the future esports franchise of BCMG and the competitive play for all games on the BCMG Stream Team.  Blaine has been streaming since he was a wee lad but definitely finds the passion in all games. Catch his stream under the name: JustEZTV or J.E.T. for short. 

Sweet Peach.jpg
Ashley Garcia

Head of Social Content Creation

Once originating from the historical city of El Paso, TX, Ashley now lives in the Alamo City aka San Antonio, TX where she is a variety content creator for local events/caterings.  Her family, Javier (husband), Ashton (son), and AJ (daughter) are continually part of her everyday journeys!  Follow her to be part of the elusive magic that is to be a Latina in the Big City or follow her picks on ITL during the week! 

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