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  • Marlene Alegria

It's Better than Oh K

In this day and age social media influences everything in our lives from the shows we watch, to the clothes we wear, to who we date. It even has a huge impact on what food item is going to be popular. This can be anything from authentic food that has existed for centuries to the latest invention. One example of this trend I found while scrolling through the explore page of my Instagram, is a new style of corndog from the restaurant Oh K-Dog & Egg Toast. Rather than it just being soft and fluffy like your typical corn dog, these are crunchy and with long stringy cheese. Its official name is a Korean rice corn dog. Much like the corn dog we all know, it's fried and it comes on a stick. However, the Korean rice corn dog does not contain cornmeal. Instead a rice flour batter is used then it's coated in Panko breadcrumbs and deep fried. The filling on these Korean rice corn dogs can also vary. You no longer have to settle for a hot dog sausage to bite into. You have the choice of replacing it with mozzarella cheese or even both the sausage and the cheese.

This weekend I took a trip to Austin to try this new trendy food item. While driving, I have to admit, I was a little skeptical because the drive was really long and I started questioning whether it would be worth it for a corn dog. But then again, I don't know about you, but stringy melted cheese is very good and if it's deep fried, it's even better. When I finally arrived at the location, I couldn't find Oh K-Dog and Egg Toast. It turns out it is inside the H Mart. You actually have to go into the food court area of the grocery store. As you come in, you get hit with the smell of all sorts of different types of food. However, I have to admit, my awareness of these other vendors was lacking as I was solely focused in my search for the corn dog promised land. Finally, I found it. There in front of me was the gold-trimmed sign for what I've journeyed so far for. My quest is almost over all that's left is to find the answer to the hardest question of them all – What am I going to order?

The menu is pretty simple. The choices for inside your corndog include sausage, cheese or both. But the choices for the coating is where you can really jazz up your dog as they have, not only Panko coated, but diced potato squares or, wait for it, diced sweet potato squares. FYI I love sweet potato fries.

I opted to make my order simple and just went for the regular Mozza Dog and also got the Potato Mozza Dog. Now I know I just went for the corn dog, but they had egg toast and I couldn't help myself and had to get the Ham & Cheese Egg Toast. (Side note: I didn't eat all this by myself lol) Wait time was short and once your order is ready, the man at the counter asks if you would like getting your corn dog dusted with sugar. despite that sounding a little weird I decided to add the sugar because that's how most people usually eat it, so when in Rome, right? The man bagged up my order and off I went. Now, for as simple as the menu is, the topping options are anything but. You can choose between Ketchup, honey mustard, sweet chilli, cheese mustard, gochu hot sauce and garlic sauce. Not to mention the extra seasonings like honey butter, parmesan cheese, onion sprinkle and snowing coconut. I chose to keep my corn dog plain because people were kind of free to grab condiments as they wished and I'm not sure how I feel about that – You know, during a pandemic and all.

Despite plenty of space inside, I took my order out to my car to eat my food. Because, again, pandemic and all. But let me tell you about the corn dog, though. It was so crunchy, but fluffy in the middle. It was like a huge mozzarella stick but with a thicker coating. It was sweet because of the sugar, so it made it taste like a churro with cheese inside. It wasn't dripping in oil or greasy and the cheese had a really good stretch to it but wasn't runny. I probably should've gone without the sugar and instead put some sweet chilli and parmesan seasoning on it but it was delicious nonetheless. The corn dog with potato squares was also amazing. Again, I think I should have swapped the sugar for some other toppings/seasonings but... live and learn.

Now for the item I wasn't expecting to try – The Ham and Cheese Egg Toast. This is essentially just scrambled eggs, ham and cheese between two buttery pieces of brioche toast. Pretty simple, but it was delicious. It had a little bit of a sweet taste to it, but when I think of an egg sandwich I think it needs more of a kick to it. If I were to get this sandwich again, I'd probably eat it for breakfast and add some Tabasco sauce to spice it up a bit. It is very filling, but towards the end you are left with a lot more bread than the rest of the ingredients. Overall I would give this place a four Korean rice corndogs out of five. I only took one point out because of the small detail with the egg sandwich. If we were strictly just rating it for the corn dogs, it is a five out of five. At the end of the day, it was a new adventure and now I don't have to ask people if it's good. I would definitely recommend trying, if for any reason other than it's just different. Honestly, if it was between this and a traditional American corn dog, the Korean one takes the cake with the due to it being crunchy and, well, it has melted stringy cheese!

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