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  • Paul Harto Jr

Super Bowl Odds You Should Bet On

Welcome back football! Just like the Grateful Dead Said " What a long strange trip it's been". It felt like we would never get here, but it is football eve and I am going to layout my future bets to win the Super Bowl and see if I can make you guys some money! The key to these bets is will the team make the playoffs? At that point, you can hedge out and make some money either way! With that being said let's dive in!

Kansas City Chiefs +600

Look at this clown giving us Kansas city winning the Super Bowl! Well, I agree, but 6 to 1 on your money and baring a catastrophic injury to Patrick Mahomes the Chiefs will be in the repeat hunt and you will get plus money on all your hedge opportunities.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1400

No team has ever played a Super Bowl in there home stadium, why wouldn't Tom Brady be the one to break that trend? No, I do not think it will happen but Tom will not let them miss the playoffs and at 14 to 1 you have plenty of play money to decide what you want to make.

Dallas Cowboys +1500

How bout them, Cowboys?! Perpetual underachievers! They may have the ace in the hole this year in Dak Prescott and his contract year. The offense will be potent enough and the division is one of the worst in football, so they will get into the playoffs and give you a chance for you to get your money out.

Indianapolis Colts +2200

The Colts have the best offensive line in football and know how to use it! They bully people upfront and now bring a veteran QB in Phillip Rivers into the fold. The division is tough, but adding that extra wild card should allow the Colts to sneak in and make some money.

Pittsburgh Steelers +2500

Full disclosure, I'm a huge Steelers fan. They went 8-8 and barely missed the playoffs with two QBs that are not NFL ready. If Ben Roethlisberger is healthy, two more wins and a playoff birth are not unreasonable expectations. 25 to 1 is more than enough to play around and turn a profit with.

There you have it guys, my favorite futures to win the Super Bowl. Take these five, hedge out at the opportune moment or ride one all the way, lets cash these tickets! Stay tuned for more gambling advice throughout the season.

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