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Steve Nash Hired as Nets Head Coach

Hall of Fame guard Steve Nash has signed a four-year contract to become the next coach of the Brooklyn Nets. The News broke around 9:42 am this morning with a tweet by ESPN Senior Writer Adrian Wojnarowski.

This news has shocked fans across the NBA. Steve Nash, who retired in 2015 after 18 seasons in the NBA, has been speculated in coaching opportunities in the past but had always turned them down. At 46 years of age, this will be Nash's first coaching job in the NBA.

Nets owner Joe Tsai and GM Sean Marks had been aggressively recruiting Nash in the past couple of months, Sources tell The NY Times. You got to give the Nets Front Office credit, they wanted Nash to make the leap to a coaching position, which they have now successfully achieved.

Nash has a very good relationship with Nets star, Kevin Durant. This seems to have played a big role in the signing of Nash. Steve Nash also brings a very high IQ and a very innovative style of play. Nets star PG, Kyrie Irving, has modeled his game around Steve Nash. Thus, correlating for a good relationship between the head coach and two stars.

Brooklyn plans to keep Jacque Vaughn the 'lead coach', which will make him the highest-paid assistant in the league.

I really like this hire by the Brooklyn Nets. The Nets don't need a brilliant technician. They need someone who will create a good locker room environment, deflecting unwanted media attention off of Kyrie and KD. I would not be surprised if this team is the next 1 seed in the East, potentially making a deep run into next year's playoffs. For more of Graeme's content, check out his Twitter page here!

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