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What We Learned This Weekend In CFB

We are now a third of the way through the season, even though we haven't had a Big10 or PAC12 game yet! These first few weeks have been interesting, with the SEC playing all league contests, the Big12 falling to pieces, and no group of 5 really standing out. The Big 10 starts in two weeks and the PAC12 a few weeks after, so until then this is the information I've gathered so far.

The Big 12 is an absolute disaster

Oklahoma has laid back to back eggs and now sits at 1-2, 0-2 in the conference with the Red River Rivalry against Texas this week. Speaking of Texas they barely escaped Texas Tech with a win and then turn around and take a loss to TCU this week! Two weeks in and only Oklahoma State, Kansas State, and Iowa State have a perfect conference record. Kansas State lost out of conference to Arkansas State and Iowa State lost to Louisana-Lafayette, those two losses eliminate them from the playoff talk already. Oklahoma State is the last best chance for the conference to get a playoff team. It's going to be a long year in Big 12 country.

The SEC is coming into focus

A couple of weeks in and teams are tiering themselves off nicely. Alabama, Florida, Georgia are the top tier. Alabama is looking good handling business, as usual, Florida and Kyle Trask to Kyle Pitts offense have a very LSU last year vibe to it but that defense isn't going to be enough to run the SEC table, Georgia has QB issues that could be their Achilles heel. The dread pirate Leach showed exactly why he is one of the most frustrating coaches to hire, he goes and destroys LSU in Death Valley and then scores just 14 in a home loss to Arkansas. Keep an eye on the Tennessee Volunteers as they own the nation's longest winning streak as they head between the hedges to face Georgia this week, that should provide us with another piece to the SEC puzzle.

SEC will get two teams in the playoffs

I'm going on record right now, the SEC will get two teams in the playoffs this year. Let's just run through it even though we are a long way away from playoffs. Let's start in the ACC, this weeks Miami at Clemson game is a de facto playoff game for the ACC bid, besides a trip to South Bend it's the only real stumbling block for the Tigers to not punch their ticket. The Big 12 is Oklahoma State or no one already, I just don't see the Cowboys running the table, so no playoff bid for the Big 12. The Big 10 will play enough games to get their champion in, probably Justin Fields and Ohio State. The PAC 12s 7 game schedule even if Oregon goes undefeated is not going to be enough to get them in over a one-loss all-conference schedule SEC team. Start the whining and crying now, but its happening folks, like it or not.

We have a lot of big matchups this week, the Big 10 starts to play the week after, so College football is finally getting into full swing! Let's keep learning each week and putting the puzzle pieces together! We may be a third of the way through but the fun is just about to start. See you next week and stay tuned for my Football Funds gambling article that's a perfect 5-0 heading into this weekend.

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