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Top 5 Quarterback Storylines For The 2020 NFL Season

This offseason has really been one for the books in NFL history, especially for the quarterback market. Old faces have moved to new places and new faces to replace those. So with that said I am going to break down the top 5 most interesting quarterback storylines.

1. Tom-pa Bay

While viewed by some as uninteresting due to the surrounding offensive cast, there is still a lot to be seen around Tom Brady's first year as a Buccaneer. Many are skeptical of the ageless wonder's ability outside of New England, but I believe it's hard to go wrong with his cast. We have a questionable Rob Gronkowski back from a one-season hiatus, but two proves star receivers in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. The biggest question is how good is Brady outside of the Patriot way? It has already been released by Coach Bruce Arians that there will be no bringing of the Patriot way to Tampa Bay. Tom will have to learn Bruce Arian's way in order to play there. Bruce Arians' scheme has been described as confusing to many passers, which besides eye difficulty, could be a factor to Jameis Winston's poor quality there. All in all, how will Brady adapt to a new system, and was he just a product of the Bellichick offense?

2. Cam He Do It?

Cam Newton, the 2015 NFL MVP is wheeling his wheel routes elsewhere. He was signed to an extremely cheap deal by New England. But Cam's dependability and production have dipped since 2015 because of his injuries. This is the year for Belichick to show that Brady didn't carry him. We all thought he might be able to turn Stidham into something or bust, but he really surprised us with Cam. But Cam has to prove something to the doubters and fans of New England. Can he play a full season at his original talent level? We've seen him work out with Odell Beckham Jr and others, but how will Cam be against an opposing defense? Assuming he stays healthy, he and Big Ben Roethlisberger are my two picks for Comeback Player of the Year. We know he has the talent, but can he carry on a full season and the winning history of the New England Patriots? Belichick's offense isn't flashy. Cam isn't the type of quarterback that is the perfect puzzle piece in the system unless Belichick is going to revamp the offense to more play-action and run-pass option offense. Cam is mobile, which defies the old system. If Cam carries the team to the playoffs, then expect New England to have at least one or two Super Bowl's won this decade.

3. Tua Time

A healthy Tua Tagovailoa is more valuable than a healthy Joe Burrow. As a Chargers fan, I am not afraid to admit I wanted Tua so bad. Tua was my number one QB prospect heading into the draft. While I am left-handed, that is not my bias towards him. Tua fits the modern quarterback type. He is mobile, great arm, and great accuracy. At the worst, Tua is like Josh Allen, but with injuries. At best, Tua is the next Steve Young. So can Tua fully recover and really turn the Dolphins around? I think so. Devante Parker and Mike Gesicki are the most underrated wide receiver and tight end duo in the NFL in my opinion. Tua has the weapons, he will have a decent run game, but does he have the health to carry the team through a full rookie season?

4. Joe "Tiger King" Burrow

The Bengals do not have an indoor practice facility. They are a poorly ran franchise. But Joe Burrow, an Ohio native, will be able to handle the atmosphere. The storyline is if this is the guy for the Bengals. Joe Burrow has elite accuracy and decision making. He is able to extend plays. But he has poor arm strength. All he has to do is lead the Bengals to at least a 7-9 record to a 9-7 record to be considered the future for them immediately. But even with his skill set, he is equipped with a very talented offensive cast containing a hopefully healthy AJ Green, Tyler Eifert, and Tee Higgins, a top-five rookie wide receiver in my opinion. He even has Joe Mixon to relieve Joe with a solid run game. If he doesn't put up above-average passing stats, then maybe he was overrated. There is no one on the offense to blame. I do not like Zac Taylor so that is the only reason I would not automatically assume it is Burrow's fault. Will Joe Burrow live up to his hype or was he only efficient in former LSU passing coordinator Joe Brady's system?

5. Drew Lock to the Top

Drew Lock was my favorite quarterback from the 2019 draft. I was certain he would be a first-round pick. But Elway was able to steal him in the second round. Lock showed lots of potential in his few careers starts towards the end of the season. The Broncos will finish second in the AFC West. Drew Lock has a lot of potential and a lot of good people around him. With Melvin Gordon and Philip Lyndsay in the same room, he will have an outstanding run game to relieve him from an exhausting amount of passing. He was given Jerry Jeudy, arguably the best overall receiver in the 2020 class, and already has Courtland Sutton, who he should have more chemistry with coming back this season. There is a lot to look forward to with Lock, as he possesses great talent and was tied with John Elway for most wins by a rookie quarterback in Broncos history. It took Elway 10 games to accomplish 5 wins while it could take Lock only 6 games as he is 4 and 1 right now. The real question for Lock is can he bring the Broncos to the playoffs and what will he look like in his first full season?

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