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Quarterback Hotseat for the 2020 NFL Season

The term Hotseat is normally applied to bad coaches. But today I am going to use it to discuss the five quarterbacks of the upcoming season who could potentially see a decrease in playing time next season. This past draft was a very deep one for the quarterback class and we saw some veteran starters lose their jobs or move elsewhere. So, without further commentary, here are the next five quarterbacks who could see replacements.

1. Mitchell Trubisky

This one should not be a surprise. He is just bad. If Nick Foles wins the job, then he will already be out of Chicago. My prediction is that the Bears attempt to trade him or he just gets cut. He will never start as a qb1 again. He honestly has the Blake Bortles feel to me, just a better backup. There is just not much to say here if you watch him. 2018 was like Blake Bortles's fluke playoff year where the defense led the way. He had 24 touchdowns to 12 interceptions and a quarterback rating of 95.4. These stats dropped significantly and can only predictably get worse as he had a 17:10 touchdown to interception ratio and an 83.0 rating.

2. Derek Carr

I do not like Derek Carr anyway, but maybe it is time for Gruden to bring in the next man up. I think he obviously made an attempt at that when they signed Mariota. Mariota is not bad, I actually like him. He has proven his capability as a more modern quarterback who can extend the play better than Carr. Carr has a career 175 rushes for 495 yards and has taken 171 sacks with 22 fumbles. Mariota, who has been in the league a year less than Carr, has 242 attempts for 1,399 yards with 155 sacks and 15 fumbles. Gruden is reaching for a new Era to compete with quarterbacks like Lock, Mahomes, and the college film we have seen of Herbert or even Tyrod Taylor. Carr is not getting any younger or better. I get Gruden runs a hard system, but maybe it is time to see if someone else can run that system better, and this could be the make or break year for Carr's starting career as the quarterback for the Las Vegas Raiders.

3. Nick Foles

The new Bears quarterback faces immense pressure this year under center. Before I break down why, here is the quick reason I believe he will get the starting nod. He rejoins his former quarterback's coach, John DeFillippo, who regards him highly. As for why this is his hot seat year, let's take a look at his career thus far. He is not a bad quarterback statistically. He has a career passer rate of 89.3. He was the second quarterback in NFL history to have a perfect passer rating (158.3) while passing for 400 yards. He later was the first quarterback in NFL history to post a perfect passer rating while throwing for seven touchdowns in a single game. He had this past season off because of a clavicle injury. So if he does not perform at his previous elite level that he did early in his career and during the Super Bowl year.

4. Philip Rivers

I love Philip Rivers. He was the first NFL quarterback I ever watched, so he has an emotional tie to my football fan life. But sadly this could be his last year. The Colts signed Rivers on a one year deal to experiment with him at the helmets and the possibility of training the next Colts quarterback, but last season was bad for him. His touchdown to interception was 23:20. I do not blame the past season all on him and I don't like that the Chargers got rid of him. Their O line was really bad. Rivers move to Indianapolis where Nelson anchors a terrific O Line. But if Rivers still performs poorly behind this offensive line, the critics will surely look to come after him and say it is his time to hang the cleats. I believe he will perform better, but if not, he is still a Hall of Famer.

5. Baker Mayfield

Baker Mayfield is probably too low on this list. Cleveland has every position basically covered. Everything equals out to bad quarterback play. This team is a Super Bowl-caliber roster. Beckham and Landry should be the top wideout corps in the league. But for some reason, Baker just can not get it done. He threw 22 touchdowns to 21 interceptions. He had a 59.4 completion percentage. Could he be the next Cleveland bust? This season will be the make or break season. If he puts up anything less than 24 touchdowns and any more than 16 interceptions, I think that should be enough to classify him as a bust.

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