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NFL Top Five and Bottom 5

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

COVID has reared its ugly head this week. The Titans could miss another week, The Patriots after a head-scratching decision by the NFL to push their games with Kansas City Monday night now have another positive test, and finally, the Raiders have a positive test. 2020 is wild, but you‘re not here for all that! Let's get to some actual football talk and dive into this week's top five and bottom five.

Bottom 5

28. Jacksonville Jaguars

Minshew Mania is dead and the Jags have fallen back to earth with a thud. They came out swinging with a win over the Colts and taking the Titans to the wire, but back to back losses to the Dolphins and Bengals have them free-falling into the bottom five. Not that I mind since I have them under 4.5 wins on the year! But at this point let the tanking begin.

29. Atlanta Falcons

Thanks, Calvin Ridley for your fantasy performance last week, appreciated it bud. FIRE DAN QUINN! he absolutely has to have something on Arthur Blank, its the only logical explanation as to why he is still employed. I will write the same exact thing every week until this happens.

30. Houston Texans

I wanted to cut them a break since they have had a brutal opening schedule, but a loss to the Vikings sends them into the bottom five this week. I just really want to talk about my favorite punching bag, Bill OBrien FINALLY getting fired. DeShaun Watson may finally get the help he desperately needs, but old Bill left the Cap full and the picks bare so who knows where they go from here.

31. New York Giants

The Giants crawl their way out of the basement for the week, thanks to their defense that held a pretty good Rams team in check last week. The offense with Danny "dimes" is pathetic and does the defense no favors. I think they are definitely in the Trevor Lawrence sweepstakes.

32. New York Jets

Like losing to another bottom five dwellers in the Denver Broncos last week wasn't enough to get them into the last place, now Joe Flacco takes over for an injured Sam Darnold. With good ole Bill out, Adam Gase COME ON DOWN! YOU'RE THE NEXT COACH TO BE FIRED!

Top Five

5. Buffalo Bills

The Bills Mafia make their first appearance in the top five. Josh Allen has taken some good steps forward and the offense has looked explosive averaging over 30+ a game. The defense has been a little suspect but they are getting healthy and have too many playmakers not to figure it out. They have the Titans, Chiefs, Patriots, Seahawks in four of the next five, so we will find out if they belong or not.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers

The Titans COVID mess gave them an unscheduled bye last week. They stay put for now but playing 13 straight games with an injury-prone squad isn't the most ideal situation.

3. Baltimore Ravens

They handled business against the Football Team last week but looked lackadaisical and uninterested at points. Lamar may be dealing with a little knee issue and that's something we need to watch going forward. A loss to the world champions isn't a bad loss and I still believe them and Kansas City are the class of the AFC.

2. Green Bay Packers

The Pack and Aaron Rodgers are really feeling themselves heading into their bye week. Who can blame them? They have looked fantastic without any healthy wide receivers. Right now the Pack are clearly the class of the NFC.

1. Kansas City Chiefs

What can you really say? well let's nitpick a little, they need to figure out the red zone, gimmicky little shovel passes won't work forever and obvious Edwards-Helaire is not the answer, so that's something that needs work, but having a guy like Travis Kelce down there should help. Make it through this three-game stretch in eleven days, 16-0 is definitely a possibility.

There is this week's top five and bottom five. Let's hope we can get this COVID under control not just in the league but in the country, so we still have football to enjoy! Until next week but keep an eye out for my Football Funds articles this weekend.

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