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Mac Jones is already drinking the Belichick Kool-Aid

The Belichick Kool-Aid is kind of like the NFL’s version of Funky Cold Medina. If The Patriot Way is actually a real thing, then Belichick’s Kool-Aid is what makes his players walk his walk and talk his talk. Especially on the talking part. Throughout the years most guys have come in and drank the Kool-Aid right away, and others have not. Or they drank it and then randomly stopped, like when Tom Brady started drinking snake oil instead. But alas, I’m getting a little off topic here. Last night with the 15th overall selection, the Patriots grabbed who they hope to be the face of the franchise moving forward in Alabama quarterback Mac Jones. Now, do I think there were better quarterbacks in this draft? Certainly, they all went before 15. Do I think I know more than 8 time Super Bowl Champion Bill Belichick? Or 7 time National Champion Nick Saban? Of course not, because I’m not an ignorant gaslighting fuck (Looking at you Boston Media).

Everyone's got their list of concerns, ranging from the talent level he played with, to his one DUI charge, or his dad-bod in the now infamous pic of him smoking a cigar. For one, most first round graded QBs have had great weapons in their time in college. Although it’s a fair assessment it was never held against Burrow last year. As for the DUI charge? People make mistakes, in fact most of you who are complaining about it drive your drunk ass home from the bar every Saturday night and just don’t get caught. I’m not going to hate a guy for being arrested for something I’ve done. And the dad-bod with the cigar pic? You’re just jealous that Mac made scrubbiness kind of fresh.

As I said there were guys that I liked more in this draft, but man that interview with him made me like him a hell of a lot more. It immediately became abundantly clear that Mr. Jones had not only already indulged in the infamous Belichick Kool-Aid, he seemingly has been chugging gallons of it for weeks. As we’ve seen from Patriots players for the past 20 years, Mac‘s answers to every question almost seemed as if they were read off of a script. When asked if playing under the pressure of Alabama prepared him for playing in New England Jones replied “The past is the past and the future is the future, I’m just focused on what we’re focused on right now." Couldn’t have answered it better myself. When asked if sharing a locker room with Cam Newton would be intimidating for him, (I never said they asked good questions) Jones gave another classic Patriot answer with “it’s his show, I’m just here to support him and try to help the team anyway I can.”

Naturally Jones was also asked if he was disappointed that the 49ers didn‘t actually select him third overall (again I didn’t say these were good questions) but this is the answer that told me he’s got the Belichick Kool-Aid in his system already. “Secretly, I really wanted to go to the Patriots all along. But it doesn’t really matter, you’ve got to take the opportunity and take advantage of it." You pair all those answers with him calling the Patriots “the greatest franchise in NFL history” and this kid already nailed one of the hardest parts of playing here. His answers were perfect and that little power strut he did to the podium just oozed swagger to me. All in all, I’m happy with the pick. They retained all their assets and let one of the top quarterbacks in the draft fall into their laps, and that guy happened to be one that really wants to be here. Mac-10 has already proven that he’s bought in, and I expect his attitude during the interview to carry over to training camp and eventually to the playing field.

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