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Harry's NHL Power Rankings

Two weeks ago, I started tracking how teams are doing in this bizarre Covid-19 season and compiling my findings into weekly power rankings. Lots of movement has already happened in the three short weeks of these power rankings and I suspect a lot more movement in the coming weeks as well, as each game is essentially a four point game for teams hoping to make the playoffs. So let's get started.

1 – Tampa bay Lightning, +35, 8-1-1 L10 (Last Week 1)

Tampa Bay continues to pace the NHL with a +37 goal differential. While they aren't technically sitting in the top spot in the NHL at the moment they are only a couple points back with games in hand on the team's ahead of them. Winners of eight of their last 10, the Lightning have done just enough to stick in the top spot for the third week in a row (likely a lot longer than that, but these rankings have only been done for three weeks) but a couple teams are hot on their heels. They will have to keep up this pace if they want to hold on to that top spot.

2 – Carolina Hurricanes, +27, 8-2-0 L10 (LW 2)

Carolina has been one of the hottest teams in the league over the last couple weeks and has their eyes set on that coveted number one spot in Harry's Power Rankings. Tied for second in the league with a +27 goal differential, a lot of Carolina's success has been due to the strong play of Petr Mrazek. Currently enjoying an eight-game win streak, if they keep up this pace the top spot is well within reach.

3 – New York Islanders, +22, 9-0-1 L10 (LW 5)

Another team with their eyes on the top spot, the New York Islanders have been the fastest risers in the league over the last two weeks starting out unranked two weeks ago before climbing to five last week and cracking the top three today. The nine-game win streak has a lot to do with the exponential rise of this team, but the +22 goal differential isn't too shabby either. If this streak continues for one more week, there might not be any other choice but to put the Islanders in the top spot.

4 – Vegas Golden Knights, +27, 8-2-0 L10 (LW 4)

No movement from last week even though they have kept up their recent incredible play. The only thing is, other teams have been more incredible. I don't envision Vegas dropping out of the top four or five spots any time soon as they are too consistent of a team. But anything is possible.

5 – Toronto Maple Leafs, +23, 5-5-0 L10 (LW 3)

Once in the mix for the top spot overall, Toronto's inconsistent play has contributed to them dropping down the standings two weeks in a row. Five is even questionable as Washington has been on a tear lately. Toronto's only saving grace as to having not dropped down another spot is their +23 goal differential. But with two losses to Vancouver and one to Ottawa in the past week, they are at risk of dropping even further if they don't right the ship soon – which may be hard with their next two games against the Darryl Sutter led Flames.

6 – Washington Capitals, +7, 8-1-1 L10 (LW 7)

A four game win streak and an 8-1-1 record in their last ten has Washington knocking on the door of the top five. And with Toronto struggling of late, the top five may be within reach as soon as next week. the only concern is the +7 goal differential. If they can start building on that top five is in their future.

7 – Florida Panthers, +15, 6-2-2 L10 (LW 6)

Just good enough over the last 10 to only drop one spot, but there are teams hot on their tail. The trend seems to be if you win seven or more of your last 10 you give your self the chance to move up or protect your spot, so if they end up with six wins in their last 10 again next week, look for them to drop another spot or two.

8 – Minnesota Wild, +19, 7-2-1 L10 (LW 10)

Another strong week has the Wild up a couple and looking to make some noise. They have the goal differential advantage over the teams ahead of them and they are getting great play from their two star rookies Kirill Kaprizov and Kaapo Kahkonen. This is very much a team on the rise. Five or six next week isn't out of the question.

9 – Pittsburgh Penguins, +10, 7-3-0 L10 (LW 9)

A five-game win streak is probably the only thing keeping them from dropping out of the top 10. But a win streak is a win streak and this team has been playing good hockey lately. I am predicting this team to stick around this spot until someone outside pushes them out but if this win streak continues, who knows? maybe they can even climb a few spots.

10- Winnipeg Jets, +13, 7-2-1 L10 (LW 8)

You may be looking at this and thinking, 'hey, they have a better record over the last 10 and a better goal differential than Pittsburgh, how are they behind them?' And that's a valid question. For all intents and purposes, Winnipeg should be in that nine spot, but five game win streaks don't happen all too often and teams that can pull them off deserve to be rewarded for them. Looking forward, things could really go either way for Winnipeg by next week with two games against the struggling Canadiens and two against the Oilers. Win three of those four and they could be on the rise, however, drop two or three and they could find themselves on the outside looking in.

On The Cusp – Colorado Avalanche, +18, 7-2-1 L10

Three game win streak, +18 goal differential and seven wins in their last ten sounds a lot like many of the teams ahead of them. The only thing is they have just been on par with these teams, not better. If they continue at this pace, it won't be long before they are cracking the list.

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