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Erin's Style File: So, Let's $ell

Updated: Mar 20, 2021


If you didn't want to consign or donate your clothing and home items like I talked about last week and you'd rather make a few bucks on your own, then keep reading!

Online apps/sites are a great place to buy and sell – new or used, vintage or modern, home or clothing, theres an app for that. I've selected some of my favourite online places to do just this, as well as tips on how to be successful while using each of these apps.

Buying: The best place for clothing, the occasional furniture piece and some great decor. Buyers are able to search for, and 'save,' their favourite items. Make sure you communicate well and quickly with the seller, otherwise they will usually move on.

Selling: Unique clothing (not just a white t-shirt, instead some flare cords) sells best to those that are looking to expand their closets at a fraction of the price that new unique items cost.

Furniture pieces go fast and there is quite a bit of demand, from my experience. Give the measurements of each furniture item so that buyers can plan ahead. Personally, I gravitate towards the buyers that communicate well, respond promptly and have their shit together regarding when they can pay and pick up the item.

Buying: Here, you'll find the best variety of items from Canada and the US from all sorts of people with different styles. Because of this, the types of brands, trends and items will vary - this is a great place to really expand your closet.

'Like' items to refer back to them later; this also notifies the seller of your interest. Give yourself time to think if you really need the item, or keep a list. As a buyer using this app, things move slower, so you won't need to act quite as quickly as you will with other apps.

Bundle items from the same seller to save on shipping ($12.99 CAD within Canada).

You can make an offer on one or multiple items, but don't do it until after you've liked it and some time has passed because sellers will often offer discounted shipping - they want to get rid of items just as much as you want to buy it.

Selling: However, if you're wanting to post your own items for sale, you better make sure your pictures are crystal clear and styled to perfection. At least that's the vibe that this app gives off. Poshmark is elite.

Offer bundle discounts!! For example, buy 3 items and get 20% off. This entices buyer to buy more (and from personal experience, it works).

Post your best items only. By this, think: brand name, tags on, excellent used/new condition, minimal wear, etc. Since costumers have to pay shipping, likely items that cost less than shipping costs won't sell individually. Also another reason to offer bundle discounts, just saying.

Buying: In my experience, this is the best place to find home goods, everything from wall hangings to dressers and bed frames.

'Like' items to refer back to them later, you will get notifications if the price is lowered and if it sells to someone else.

Usually hot items sell quick! Be aware that you may not be first in line. Often things go even quicker than the previous apps I mentioned. Ask for more photos and/or measurements if you want them. Better safe than sorry!

Selling: Include your pick up location (ex. east Regina) in every post. This will save you a lot of messages from people who ask this, then dislike your answer and fall through with the sale. Doing this one small step while posting your items will save you time (and annoyance).

You can 'bump' your posts, up to 10 at a time, every few hours which puts your listing(s) to the top of others' feed that are currently using the app.

*Requires a free account to buy and sell items

With all these apps, you can set preferences so that your options of items to buy are filtered right down to your size, specific colour preferences and category that you're looking for. For example, Home Decor, wall decor OR Men's clothing, pants, 30-32.

No matter where or how you sell your items, you'll want to follow these general tips:

- Always try to post your best items only - no rips and stains. If you wouldn't wear it for these reasons, likely no one else would either.

- Fairly price your item, but aim a bit high to start, you can always decrease the price later (which actually might encourage someone to snag it while it's reduced)

- Take clear photos of what you're trying to sell. Photos are the first impression. If the photo is blurry and taken without care, chances are the item wasn't taken care of either.

- If it's a relatively brand new item or a well-known brand, I suggest to include the original price of the item when you bought it new, with proof, if possible. This could be as easy as a screenshot of the item from the brand's website, or an original receipt.

Some other online places that I have yet to try are Depop and thredUp.

Share your other favourites and tips on how to successfully sell your unwanted items! You know what they say, one person's junk is another person's treasure.

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