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Erin's Style File: Plants with Style


It's easiest to style your plants around your house when you know what type of light conditions they need. For the purpose of this post, I'm only going to talk about plants that can thrive in a variety of light conditions, including indirect low light, because I don't have a bright direct light source (the curse of North facing windows).

If you can't remember my favourite plants, check out my last post, "More Green Please." These will be the focus for today because, well, they're my favourite and haven't died (yet).

I like the look of the snake plants that grow upwards; they're simple and add some height wherever you place them. I scored this 3ft tall wicker planter ($40 CAD) on Facebook Marketplace, and because of its awkward in-between height (about 3ft), it needed a tall plant to make it fit in. Otherwise, it would be mostly planter and not enough plant. As you can see, this corner already has some quite a bit of height with the faux tree and lamp, so this item balances it out nicely. If it was by itself in front of a window, it wouldn't look as intentional.

This snake plant is about 5ft away from a large window on an angle.

On the other hand, in this spot, I didn't want only a straight upward plant, I wanted more dimension. So, this pineapple-looking snake plant did the trick. This collection is about 7 ft away from a window.

If you're worried about being able to know what your plant needs, this one is easy - POTHOS! Place it in a spot where you can see it frequently, therefore, any changes will be noticeable. For example, I have many in my living/dining room area where I spend most of my time and where I have to walk through as I come and go.

Pothos plants will trail if its properly trimmed and cared for. So, if this is the goal, bright and/or direct sunlight is a good idea in order to speed up the growth process. It should be able to tolerate it, but make sure to water it accordingly. More sun = more watering. An example of this would be on a wall in a basket, or on top of a shelf. If this pothos continues to grow and trail, it will be in the perfect spot to do so.

This one is on my kitchen table. Paired with the white ceramic pot, it serves as a nice centrepiece. I often sit at the kitchen table to work and eat meals, so if something is off about the plant(s), I'll notice.

Here, on a ladder shelf, this plant doesn't get a lot of light, but is a small addition to the shelf decor. It seems to do be doing fine. If I find that its drooping more frequently, I'll take it to the window sill for a day.

No matter what plants you have and where they end up when you first take them home, you should be rotating your plants throughout your house to ensure that they all get enough light. A general rule: sunlight makes plants happy. Some just like it more than others.

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