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Erin’s Style File: Patio Party


This past week I got my patio ready for spring/summer, which is my favourite part of this time of year! Let's dive into how I did this quickly, and low budget.

This plant stand I got off of Facebook Marketplace last year for about $50 CAD. It was handmade, probably by an old man, so that's cool. His family member was selling them for him (old people and tech, iykyk). I styled it super cute last year. Here's a look.

Over the winter, I tried to make use of the items that I had used to style the shelf, but they were taking up too much room and weighed on my consciousness of clutter, so I sold/donated them. Plus 2/3 of those real plants have died, or are very close. This year, I had to improvise and I knew better than to buy items that I wouldn't want in 4-5 months. This is what the shelf looks like this year.

As you can see, the items aren't as cohesive, but I already had all of them, so cost effective - check. This is what I like to call shopping my home, and is a phrase that people who are into home decor use often. I can shop my own home using pieces I already own to get a curated new look. If I do this a few times during the summer, I can change up the look without spending a penny.

Of course my patio includes more than just a shelf, I need a place to sit too. My bistro patio set and cushions are also a Facebook marketplace purchase circa 2020, from three separate sellers. If I remember correctly, it was all less than $100 CAD for the cushions and bistro set, all of which were (and still are) in excellent condition.

This year, I felt that the bistro set and shelf looked nice, but it needed something else to tie everything together. A rug seemed perfect, and when I shopped my home, I knew just the right one. This rug was an indoor rug for a few months, but it shed little pieces of wicker everywhere, which my dog and vacuum loved, but I did not. So, here it is, outside, which brings together the spot nicely. Last year my deck was actually nice because it was made from wood slats, but no such luck this year with a new place.

The newest addition are these hanging wicker baskets and the plants that go in them, all from Dutch Growers. The items I purchased aren't shown online, but they have some good stuff in store too. I think that these baskets and greenery add the perfect final touch. At the end of the summer I plan to either store the baskets, use them inside with new indoor plants, or resell them.

Here is the final look for this year. What do you think? Personally, my favourite aspect is the - dare I say it - "boho" feel and the corresponding green hues in the plants and cushions.

This is likely the only outdoor styling post you'll see from me as I don't have any more space that is mine, but it was fun! Thanks for reading!

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