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Erin’s Style File: My S/S Wants


My spring and summer wants in my wardrobe are reflective of a variety of factors: current trends, what I like, how I want to feel, and how I want to utilize each item. If I'm purchasing an item, either new (very rare these days) or secondhand, I want to be able to wear it multiple ways for various occasions - to work, date night, happy hour, doing errands, etc. Some of these items I'm still hunting for, and some I have recently (this season) purchased.

Let's get right into it.

  1. Flowy Neutral Colored Midi Dress, Sleeveless

This is something that I envision but haven't really seen it concretely very often. 613FashionFinds has inspired (or maybe influenced me) 100%.

I know that it needs to be sleeveless so that I can easily layer other items under and over in all seasons; needs to be midi length (at or below the knee) so that I can wear it to work comfortably; it needs to be flowy enough so that it isn't just another skirt (I already have some of those); needs to be neutral, ideally beige or brown tones, as that is the best way to seamlessly fit this item into my wardrobe.

This is the one I'm considering purchasing, and here are others that I like from Pinterest.

2. This is something I actually already have in my wardrobe, but as my style and comfort has changed, I want something about knee length or slightly longer.

This is a staple in any wardrobe, as it adds a chic look to any outfit due to the silky sheen of the material and can be worn in any season multiple ways.

In cooler months, I like to layer the dress with a turtleneck and tights, or layer a chunky sweater over top to give the allusion of a midi skirt. In warmer months, wearing the dress as is would be an easy outfit, with sneakers or mules. Or I would wear it to work with a t-shirt underneath and a blazer for a business-casual look.

Inspiration board; all photos from Pinterest.

3. Black Open Toed Slides, < 1 inch heel, leather (faux or real)

During my hunt, I will admit that I became impatient (regretful now), so I ordered this pair of mules being only somewhat convinced that they're what I'm looking for. They were, mostly. While this pair was en route to its destination (me), I found the perfect pair of Steve Madden slides at Rhoda's Elegance Again. It was love at first sight, and $100 cheaper. I've had good experiences with Steve Madden shoes, and these were perfect. Since these were secondhand, I can't find the exact pair online. But here is a similar pair, the strap is slightly shorter.

That first pair that I ordered are genuine leather and adorable, but the heel is too tall for me to want to where them everyday (clearly an inch too many) and they are not meant for even slightly wide feet. The new pair are quite flat, fit snug, as they should, and have a thick strap that covers most of the top of my foot with a bit of an open toe. The perfect summer shoe for work and the weekends. Take a look at what I mean.

Inspiration board; all photos from Pinterest.

4. Jean Midi Skirt

I recently found this at a thrift shop in Saskatoon, called Plato's Closet, but I question how ethical it is as it seems to be a franchise over North America. The jean skirt I found was hard to pass up. An Aritizia (TNA) item at a fraction of the cost. This will be another piece I wear all summer long with tied t-shirts and oversized button ups, and then into cooler months.

Inspiration board; all photos from Pinterest.

5. Black Denim Jacket

Not faded black. Not grey. Black. Sometimes that doesn't seem to be a thing in the denim industry. Faded black just isn't black.

My blue jean jacket is my ride or die, especially in the summer. I am all for the Canadian tuxedo, and now I want it in black too. Just look at the aesthetic!

Inspiration board; all photos from Pinterest.

Having a 'wants' list for a season is something I've just started doing. This allows me to focus my money on items that I've been thinking about for a while, so I know it won't be an impulse purchase. As well, a list makes each item more purposeful as I imagine and explore different ways to wear each one in the time that I spend searching for the perfect item.

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