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Erin's Style File: More Green, Please


Plants are something that I could talk about for hours, just like fashion and home decor. However, I don't know everything and I won't pretend to. But I do know a few things based on my experiences, successful and not.

First off, let's go over two of the terms you'll hear when shopping for plants in person and online.


Don't let this title fool you! The name makes it seem that these plants can only grow in the most tropical places, in conditions that are far too perfect for Saskatchewan. This isn't the case. Tropicals make up 99% of the plants that I have. This term simply refers to plants that do well indoors. There's a lot of plants that fall into this category, but some of my favourites include: "ZZ", Pothos, Snake Plant, Peace Lily, Monsterra.

If you're interested, you can read all about the different types of Snake Plants here, and Pothos here. Snake plants are great because they are resilient and will grow in any conditions, low light, bright light, drought, downpour - you name it, it'll be fine. Pothos are similar in that they really don't need a lot of anything, but they will let you know when they need to be watered. A perky pothos is a happy one, but when it starts to go limp, a good watering is due. The frequency will depend on light conditions (the more light, the more water) and how much you water it when you do.

My house is full of both of these types of plants, but of course there's never enough. Can you guess which is which from the photos below?

Cacti and Succulents:

This category is what got me hooked on plants in the first place, but I didn't have much success. These plants typically need to be drowning in light, but not in water. Living in a place with only north facing windows, cacti and succulents don't thrive. If you also have only north facing windows, as a general rule of thumb, look for something else. There are some exceptions but I would steer clear. For example, Aloe Vera, a commonly known succulent, needs a lot of direct light, which north facing windows can't provide. However, I have had some luck with Haworthia "Zebra Plant" because they do fine with indirect sunlight.

Occasionally, there's an anomaly, like this little cactus. I haven't moved or watered it in probably 6 months, but yet somehow is hasn't shrivelled up and died yet. As well, there's ways to cheat - use fake plants. No one will know!

Other terms you'll come across when plant shopping: Exotics, Pet Friendly Plants, Air Plants, Low Light Plants and more. Depending on your needs in a plant, these terms can be helpful.

Where to buy:

Since I'm local to Regina, SK, my plant shop options are going to differ from yours. Wherever you choose to buy, try to buy local. Although Walmart and Safeway might have plants (and even cute ones at that), no one notices if you buy one or ten. As well, plant shops that solely sell plants have a wider variety.

Keep in mind these two things that I can also appreciate about my favourite plant shop, Fat Plant Farm (Regina, SK).

  1. Helpful Staff

Whether you're a plant expert or beginner, staff that are knowledgeable, approachable and helpful are key to a great plant shopping experience. Kait, the owner of Fat Plant Farm, and her staff are all of these things.

2. Plant Perks Program

I didn't know how much I loved this until it came to be, and now I don't like to shop anywhere else. You can learn more about it, and other FAQ, here.

If I have to, another option of where to buy plants is Little Big Plant Company (Regina and Saskatoon, SK). Although there's no plant perks, the staff is helpful, and its a local small business.

Plants have got me thinking about home decor. There is no stopping me now! Stay tuned for next week.

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