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Erin's Style File: Monochroma(n)ic


I am manic about monochrome! This winter, monochrome looks have become popular, and I can see why! Monochrome, using one color/tone for your entire outfit, is an easy way to look put-together whether doing errands in loungewear or at work in your best attire. Without a doubt, it works every time.

This trend couldn't be less intimidating for fashionista beginners (trust me). It's likely that you have similar colors and shades of the same color in your wardrobe because you know what you like. Black, for instance, an instantly chic look for anyone. It's no surprise that a lot of my wardrobe includes tones of whites, creams, beiges and browns. And this neutral palette seems safe for you to try too. Here are a few examples, which one is your favourite?

From left to right:

  1. A light spring/summer look brought to you by Hunter and Hare's Oatmeal Easy Trousers, handmade rattan earrings made locally by @bsparkledhandmade and a random linen blend button up t-shirt blouse from @beccaworewhat, a fellow sustainable fashion nerd from Ottawa.

This reminds me of the beach, but I would definitely wear it to work too. It's a win-win.

2. Beige trousers, caramel brown sweater vest ( and classic white dress shirt

(Facebook Marketplace).

In retrospect, I would probably have added a patterned beige-toned button up underneath the sweater vest; the white seems to be too much of a contrast and the slightly different beige undertones may be too different. But I felt good when I wore this, so who cares?

3. Carrying over the earrings and pants from look #1 and pairing them with a few other basics, like this Frank

and Oak tank top and thrifted men's dress shirt.

I picture the tank being worn as an under shirt for cooler spring days, or peeking out to show off when it's too warm at work to wear clothes, but you gotta. The dress shirt was a fantastic thrifted find, as I was looking for one within this color palette for a while. The simple stripes are perfect and it has enough structure to dress up or down.

Another palette for monochrome looks that I love are different shades of grey all the way to black. I guarantee most of us have a pair of faded black, almost grey, jeans in our closet and a grey plaid or t-shirt. Start with that for a casual look. Here's what I created:

Here we have a thrifted (likely men's) High Sierra plaid shirt, with this soft charcoal grey button up from Loom and Magpie, a new addition to my closet. And my only grey pair of jeans by Obey.

For a more business casual look, add a blazer. This secondhand boyfriend style H&M blazer has a wool outer texture, which is purposeful contrast against the silky feel of the charcoal button up. As well, these faux leather earrings from Hanger and Rack add the perfect amount of edge to wear to work.

If you want to take your monochromatic look to the next level, integrate different textures and layers, or use a fun color! For example, I love mixing knit sweaters with trousers in the same color palette, like this one:

I LOVE this look. Green is such an underrated color! With black accessories, I find that it isn't too overwhelming, but rather the perfect vintage look. These moss green trousers, from 613 Fashion Finds, are slightly darker behind the camera and I'm obsessed, just so you know. Vintage green and black plaid knit is thrifted - how cute is the split neck line? Loafers are from Hunter and Hare (I mentioned these as a favourite find in a past post). These geometric earrings are hand made in Regina by @pepperandclay by a fellow teacher!!

To leave you feeling inspired, here is a bold purple look. These amazing trousers I bought secondhand from Facebook Marketplace and this polo is a men's thrifted American Apparel find. Any classic white sneakers would pair nicely.

All in all, monochrome is worth all the hype and worth a try even for the fashionista newbies - did I convince you?

For a few weeks now I've been hinting at Instagram Inspiration as I continue to find pieces - stay tuned.

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