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Austin's Weekly Music Review - Part 1

Coming to you every single Monday I will be giving you my choices for the two best songs released that week, as well as the worst two. So starting off with the week of Feb 5th there were a lot of rumors that a "high profile artist" would drop according to DJ Akademiks. Some thought Tekashi 69 would drop a song after teasing his return to music after what would have been five months since his last album flopped. He posted a "snippet" on his Instagram late Thursday afternoon that had his fans very excited! Many also thought it might be J. Cole with his highly anticipated album but unfortunately, none of those happened. There was no surprise drop but we did get some good music none the less so let's get started!

Top Two Songs

"Provide" - G Eazy ft Chris Brown and Mark Morrison

Sampling Mark Morrisons "return of the mack" this song has a great flow and hook sang by Chris Brown. If you know Chris Brown, you know that he never fails to deliver game-changing vocals and this song is no different. Chris Browns vocals plus G Eazy's good, if not typical, lyrics about fame and partying form a perfect pair for a great track. Even if you're not a die-hard G Eazy fan you will enjoy this song. The sampling was great, it didn't overdo the original song but was still significant enough to recognize and in my opinion did the original song justice. If you're a Mack Morrison fan or a fan of new hip hop/R&B make sure to check this one out.

"Pressure" - Martin Garrix ft Tove Lo

This song hits the ground running right from the get go with its club/dance vibes and keeps the party going throughout. The amazing voice of Tove Lo, who you may remember from her uber-popular 2014 song "Habits (Stay High)," pairs perfectly with Martin Garrix's world class EDM beat. Although she is more recognized outside North America she has the look, the lyrics and now, thanks to Martin Garrix, the beat to vault her straight back into North American popularity. Although it's not a very long song at just 2:24, there is no doubt Pressure has the elements necessary to be played in clubs and raves around the world soon enough. So when you hear it, do not forget to dance!

Worst Two Songs

"Up" - Cardi B

This one was hyped up for a couple of days after Cardi B announced the song's drop in an Instagram post. One thing I will give her for is she really does know how to promote herself. But unless you're a middle school girl, you probably know that Cardi B is outplayed and corny. To be honest I never really understood why she blew up in the first place. This song has a pretty average trap type beat. But Cardi B's overly sexual lyrics just doesn't do it for me. It just feels like every song she drops is about sex. Her fans will support whatever she puts out no matter how bad it is as is evident by the fact "Up" is currently the song is number-one song on iTunes Charts right now. She is notorious for owning the charts with songs like "WAP" and "Bodak Yellow." Whatever sells, I guess, but the lack of creativity and repetitive content is a huge downside to being her fan in my opinion. I hope in the future she can show us a different side of her musically but until then we are stuck listening to a series of unoriginal songs like "Up."

"Trying to Maintain" - Ice Cube

Back in the day, this guy had the rap game at his fingertips with hit song after hit song in the 90s. But that's not the case anymore. Ironically, Cube tries to maintain some of that 90's magic with his new song "Trying to Maintain." But just like JNCO jeans, Ice Cube's best days remain in the 90s. This song is very repetitive and has the sound of someone trying too hard to fit into today's style of hip hop. Ice Cube took a long break from music to focus on other things like "The Big 3" basketball league for retired NBA players, movies like "Barbershop 3" and other entrepreneurial opportunities. But he is back now. However unfortunately his return to the rap game fell short. The beat has a hint of west coast bass but he just does not deliver the bars he once did. He raps about cancel culture and "killing shit like ebola," which was really just out of context and the bars just got worse and worse as the song went along. At one point I actually looked over at my phone to see how much longer I had until it was over. Even at the age of 51, I guess I expected more from Ice Cube, which just proves how much of a legend he used to be, but no longer is. If I were him, let's just say I'd stick to writing movies because putting out more songs of the same quality as "Trying to Maintian" won't do anything but tarnish his legacy.

That's this week's Blue Collar music review! All in all, it was a really good week for music good or bad. So let us know! Did I miss something?? Any songs/albums y'all want me to review?? Tweet us at @a_farn & @donda2020

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